Chicken aka Chicken Ricken, Chico, Pretty Girl

Chicken was a 13 year old female domestic short hair cat who was stricken with vaccine associated malignant fibrous histiocytoma. This cancer was a result of either Leukocell 2 (FeLV vaccine) or Defensor 3 (rabies vaccine). Both vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer Animal Health. Nowhere on the product information pages does it warn owners or veterinarians about the possible cancer-related risks. Go ahead. Read it for yourself. You can read about Leukocell 2 here. Apparently Pfizer has removed all information about Defensor 3 from its website. I wonder why?

Please ask questions of your vet BEFORE allowing your cat to be vaccinated. Believe me, Pfizer doesn’t want you to know what can really happen. Neither does Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Merial, etc…

This is what VAS (Vaccine Associated Sarcoma) looks like:
This is what VAS looks like

Unfortunately, Chicken passed away on December 17, 2011 around 5:30 p.m.

Click here to begin reading Chicken’s blog from the beginning!

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Saw this and thought of Chicken….


One of Chicken’s favorite pastimes was knocking glasses from any level surface! That was really her only bad habit! 🙂 I’m happy to report that all five of our other kitties are doing great!

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2013 in Review!

I apologize for not being more active on the blog in 2013. We had quite a busy year- selling our house, moving into a new house, raising a toddler and having a new baby! Ezra was born on December 12, 2013 just five days before the second anniversary of Chicken’s passing. I’m happy to report that all five of our kitties are doing very well!

Even though I haven’t posted much, I’m happy to report that Chicken’s blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2013!!! Most visitors who found us through google had typed something about Pfizer! This is great news and proves that Chicken is helping others to know the dangers of Pfizer’s vaccines, especially since Pfizer refuses to educate their clients on the dangers. Here’s the 2013 year in blogging report if you are interested! 🙂

ChickentheCat 2013 Year in Review

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So Many Changes!

So much has changed recently! In May we moved into a new house three times the size of our old one. The cats are in heaven! They have so much room to run and play (and sleep)! 🙂 Image

It was sad to move out of the house where Chicken lived with us for 12 years. We made sure to give her a prime spot in the house so she could keep an eye on everything!Image

Oscar also has some exciting news!


We are due to have our second baby on the 2nd anniversary of Chicken’s passing (December 17). It’s just another sign that she is still with us!

We found out yesterday that we are having our second SON!Image

Hope everyone and all of the kitties are doing well!


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Shouldn’t veterinarians fully inform pet owners of the possible risks from vaccinations?

Chicken’s vaccinating veterinarian never once informed us of any possible adverse reactions or risks of the vaccines he gave yearly. When I spoke with him to inform him that Chicken had developed Vaccine Associated Sarcoma, he was not surprised and said we were not the first. I know he has had at least one case since as well. I think it is an abomination that he never once informed us of any risks or told us to monitor the injection site. Sadly, this is the case with most veterinarians. Let’s change that! Please sign this petition in Chicken’s memory and then share with all of your friends and family! It’s easy – you can just click on the “share this” button under this post!

Please sign this petition!

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Six month anniversary

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. It was my birthday, but also the six month anniversary of Chicken’s death. I still feel blindsided by her passing. It was just so totally unexpected. I get angry when I think about it and I second guess my care for her. Everyone knew she had a gallop rhythm in her heart, but no one seemed concerned so we weren’t either. Now, I just wish I had pushed the issue a little and gotten her on some sort of heart medicine. Chances are it wouldn’t have helped, but I wish I had fought to at least have given her the chance.

Steve and I were talking about Chicken and how she was just different from any other cat we’ve ever had. I think he summed it up perfectly when he said that there was just always a little more going on behind Chicken’s eyes. She was the smartest cat I’ve ever known and very intuitive.

I just feel like I failed her at the end. I’ll never forget leaving her at the CARE Center that day and the way she looked at us. There was nothing else we could do though. She was getting the best possible care.

I’ve never named her vaccinating veterinarian and I’m not even sure why. I think I felt some sort of loyalty to him because he took care of our animals for so many years, but not anymore. His incompetence nearly caused another of my cats to die as well (from diabetes). He vaccinated ALL of my cats YEARLY with THREE-YEAR vaccines IN THE SCRUFF area. He knew about VAS yet never warned us. So, I’m done being loyal. If Dr. Ronald Abrams at Loveland Animal Hospital is your vet, I highly recommend you switch veterinarians immediately to anyone else.

Here is one of the last pictures taken of Chicken.Pfizer

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Could we catch a break, please?

I think I’m feeling a little woe-is-me right now. I know that senior kitties bring challenges, but I feel like we’ve been hit fairly hard with all of our kitties, young and old.

In July 2010 Riley was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I did a lot of research, and with the help of my friend, Dr. Pierson, Riley’s disease has barely progressed in the eighteen months since diagnosis.

In October 2010 Sue was diagnosed with diabetes. It was a harrowing 5 weeks getting him regulated and off of insulin, but I did it, again with the help of Dr. Pierson.

In November 2010, Chicken was diagnosed with Vaccine Associated Sarcoma, caused by one of her many Pfizer vaccines (most likely Defensor 3 Rabies or Leukocell 2 FeLV).

In November 2011, Chicken is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and underwent I-131 radio iodine treatment on December 9 to cure her. She sadly passed away one week later of a saddle thrombus which was completely unexpected.

Four days later, Riley was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She underwent the I-131 radio iodine treatment and seems to be doing well.

Today we took Monroe in for a routine dental and get a phone call back that she may be hyperthyroid and may have some heart issues. A cat’s normal resting heart rate is 120-140 bpm. Monroe’s heart rate today at the vet was between 220-270 bpm consistently as he checked throughout the day. Needless to say she didn’t have the dental. I called a cardiologist to make an appointment. That appointment will cost between $500-800. We are going to start her on a beta blocker in a couple of days. The doc said she either has hyperthyroidism, a heart condition or nothing.

Beyond the obvious financial strain all of this has placed upon us, the mental and emotion strain is tolling as well. I just wish all of the kitties could be well and stay well.

Chicken and Monroe were always good buddies!

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How We Got Chicken

It was spring of 1998 and Steve’s mom was moving and asked us if we could watch her cat for her during the move. We agreed. She brought over a young, orange tabby named Kitty. Steve had a small studio apartment so there weren’t a lot of places for her to hide so she immediately went under the futon (we were young) and stayed there. For two weeks. That’s how she got her name. 🙂 Needless to say, Steve’s mom never took Chicken back!

Here she is way back in 1998!

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Fundraising for Jena and Kitty Kat

I am passing on this information about Jena and Kitty Kat from Dr. Bob. If you can help, that would be great!

I, Dr Bob Rogers, am an expert witness in a law suit involving a vaccine associated sarcoma, VAS.
Jena G. of Corpus Christi is suing her Vet.
Her Vet gave her cat, Kitty Kat, two unnecessary vaccines, an adjuvanted PLPRhCv vaccination at a two year interval and an adjuvanted FeLV vaccine to an adult cat. Kitty Kat developed cancer, a vaccine associated sarcoma at the site of the vaccination. Jena spent $8,000 to try to treat Kitty Kat with surgery and radiation. Kitty Kat died.
Jena is trying to recover medical costs plus sentimental value. She is alleging the adjuvanted vaccine caused the VAS, that the vaccines were unnecessary and she would not have consented to their administration if given informed consent.
She is suing for professional negligence, malpractice as well as negligent misrepresentation.
She has good attorney, however the legal fees are estimated at $10,000 and you cannot recover legal fess in such a suit.
Please help us raise money for her legal fees.
I, Dr Bob Rogers am donating $5,000 as well as serving as an expert witness at no charge. I am hoping you can approach your friends and internet network of followers for contributions of perhaps $50 to $100. Anything will be appreciated.
If we win, the impact will be huge. I am hoping our malpractice insurance company will want to cut their losses from potential suits and advise Vets to quit using adjuvanted vaccine, provide informed consent and quit giving unnecessary vaccines. We will also take this judgment to the State Boards to show them Vets are breaking the law. This is hoped to be a wake up call.
Any money collected over the $5,000 goal will be used to obtain a Writ of Mandamus, i.e. to have a Judge explain to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners that giving unnecessary vaccines is against the law, negligent misrepresentation. All 50 State Boards will be duly advised.
Donations are tax deductible and can be made to the NPO C.A.R.E.S.
(Critter Advocacy Responsibility Ethics Science)
5703 Louetta Rd. Spring, Texas 77379.
Thanks for helping the cats and the people who love them,
Dr. Bob
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Chicken’s Urn

Chicken’s urn arrived today. It’s very beautiful, but very sad.

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