Chicken recovers

Chicken had her stitches removed on Dec. 15, 2010. She has been wearing a newborn baby shirt for a while now because she was scratching and licking her back. She looks pretty cute! She is getting around very well and has even started playing again!

Chicken in her shirt

We have a consult appointment with Dr. Denman, a radiation oncology professor at UC, who works at Care Center. We hope to begin radiation as soon as possible. Chicken would need about 20 treatments. They are done Monday through Friday for a few minutes a day. The big downside here is that she needs to be anesthetized daily for the treatments. Steve will be able to take her daily until he leaves on Jan. 16 for Philly again.

We also have an appointment on Tuesday with the vet so that he can contact Pfizer Animal Health to report an adverse reaction.

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One Response to Chicken recovers

  1. Connie says:

    I’m so sorry Chicken is dealing with this. I hope it heals quickly and does not return. I hope you are able to get compensation as well.

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