Our friend, Stimpy

This is my friend, Stimpy. She developed a vaccine associated sarcoma from a Boehringer Ingelheim vaccine she received. She had her leg amputated one month ago. She is getting around really well. However, it is senseless that kitties are getting legs amputated and having major surgeries and the pharmaceutical companies aren’t disclosing the risks. What do you think their priority is – your pet’s health or their pocketbook?

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2 Responses to Our friend, Stimpy

  1. Susan says:

    Are other animals affected by the vaccines as well? I am so sorry that you are going through this. What can people do to help?

  2. It is so rare in dogs that it is not really considered a risk. Everyone can spread the word about appropriate sites for vaccines to be injected on the animal (as low on the rear leg as possible, so if a reaction occurs, the limb can be amputated). Overvaccination is also a huge problem in all animals. http://www.avma.org/animal_health/brochures/vaccination/vaccination_brochure.pdf

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