Radiation day 8 – 1/6/11

Chicken has had a great night!!! Today was a ketamine day, but she did very well. She was sleepy as usual (aren’t all cats?) but was not groggy and has eaten a lot! Today was a rough day for Steve, though. I had ankle surgery this morning. He had to have me there at six a.m. and then leave, go get Chicken and drop her off for radiation, and then come back to get me.

I am on crutches and am virtually useless, so he has had to pick up all the slack and take care of all the kitties! All of the kitties are very excited that for the next week or so I will be in bed all the time and they get to hang out with me!!!

I have my foot propped up on a little breakfast in bed tray and have it draped with a blanket. This has become Chicken’s new favorite spot! She crawls under the little table and sleeps until her little heart is content in her own little “house”!

One more day, Chicken, and then you get the weekend off! Woohoo!

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