Radiation day 16 – 1/18/11; Chemo decisions are made

I think this picture might sum up Chicken’s day:
passed out

She is passed out! Her IV catheter port was in her back leg last night and it was really bothering her. She did not sleep well last night, which means that I did not sleep well last night. She would get under the covers, snuggle, fall asleep, wake up, leave and then repeat. Over and over and over last night. I think she was just really uncomfortable.

I woke up extra early this morning to take Chicken to radiation. I had plenty of time to drop her off and get to work without being late! 🙂

I spoke with Chicken’s oncologist, Dr. Cheryl Harris, today and we have decided that Chicken will begin chemo treatments one week after the conclusion of her radiation therapy. This will give Chicken the best chance at beating this cancer monster. Her chemo will be an oral pill called Lomustine (CeeNU®). It is tolerated well in cats, but is not without side effects. It can lower a cat’s white blood count which could lead to a nasty infection or could delay subsequent chemo treatments. It is typically given once every three weeks. The very best news? It costs $300. Notice, there are only two zeros in that number. I was expecting three.

Paws crossed for Chicken!

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Chicken the Cat on Facebook

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2 Responses to Radiation day 16 – 1/18/11; Chemo decisions are made

  1. Kathy says:

    Poor Chicken. She looks wiped out!

  2. Kevin & Stimpy says:

    Hang in there Chicken…you will soon be a rad grad. You poor girl, you look so pooped. I hope you are being spoiled with treats and your favorite food.

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