Radiation day 17 – 1/19/11

Only 3 days left!!!! Chicken had a fantastic night and ate like a pig! She seems to be feeling really well!

Unfortunately, a kitty named Kermit who had VAS (vaccine associated sarcoma) passed away a couple of days ago before his scheduled surgery. Our hearts go out to Felicia and her family. It is so unfortunate that so many kitties are affected by this cancer monster.

Maybe if enough of us fight back, the pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer will disclose the risks of this cancer on their vaccines so that pet owners can make an informed decision when vaccinating their beloved pets. If the risk disclosure was on the vaccine, then veterinarians could then inform pet owners of the symptoms of VAS so they could check their pets. Had I known what to look for, I would have checked my kitties each day.

chicken close up

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