Chicken got a new sweater!

Chicken got a new chenille sweater today! It was half price at Petsmart and she loves it! It is so soft and I think it feels good on her back. One to three weeks after radiation is when kitties can develop sort of a sunburn which can really irritate them. So far she has no sunburn; it’s just peeling. I rubbed her back down with Aquafor today and put on her new sweater. She also tried some new food today: By Nature organics chicken and chicken livers. I am trying anything to get her to eat more so she can put on some weight. When she started radiation therapy she weighed 9.68 lbs and when she ended she weighed 8.82 lbs. By my scale she weighs 8.11 lbs now. I am very much against dry food, but I am supplementing Chicken’s diet with a low carb, grain free dry food (Evo cat and kitten) since it is so calorie-dense. If you want to read about why your cat should give up the kibble, check out my hero, Dr. Lisa Pierson’s website. Dr. Pierson has been such a godsend to me since I found her in October 2010!

Here is a picture of Chicken in her new sweater:
new sweater

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Chicken the Cat on Facebook

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One Response to Chicken got a new sweater!

  1. Alle says:

    Seriously so cute!!! LOVE the new sweater! Keep on keepin on, Chicken!

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