Chicken bares all!

On Friday Chicken got to take off her sweater for good! She licked for a while, but left her back alone after a good cleaning! Her back looks like it has healed very nicely! Some of her fur has grown back, but most likely the bald area will remain bald. She doesn’t seem to mind. If she gets cold, she has 3 different bed warmers she can get into at all times! The potential bad news is that she has 3 little “bumps” along her scar line. She has an appointment on the 18th with Dr. Harris and on the 21st with Dr. Muldoon and Dr. Denman. I will make sure they check out the bumps. Until then, Chicken can use lots of good thoughts that they bumps are nothing but scar tissue. Here is a picture of her healing back:

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Chicken the Cat on Facebook

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One Response to Chicken bares all!

  1. Ettel E says:

    Yay! She looks so good. We’re sending you lots of healing thoughts. Paws crossed that the bumps are nothing to worry about.

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