Try, try again…

Chicken has another appointment tonight with Dr. Harris to get her white blood count checked. She cannot start chemotherapy until her white blood count rises. The most dangerous risk of chemotherapy is that is depletes the white blood cell count which could allow Chicken to contract a life-threatening infection. Dr. Harris has never seen this happen in a cat, though. I will take her tonight at 6:30 p.m. and then will find out after 9:30 a.m. tomorrow if she can start chemotherapy on Friday afternoon. This will be our third attempt at chemo.

In other news…Chicken’s business cards have arrived and I have given some to friends and family to pass out to anyone who has a cat. I went to The Fresh Market last night to get turkey to make some food for the kitties and gave the first business card to a stranger! He was the nice man who rang me up and he mentioned that he had three kitties, so I just had to give him the quick version of my spiel and handed him a card!! 🙂
front card

back card

Chicken is also sort of famous now! My idol, Dr. Pierson, has written a new page on her website about the dangers of Convenia, a drug made by none other than Pfizer! On the page, she also discusses the need for veterinarians to think long and hard before injecting a cat with anything. She then has a picture of Chicken and mentions the risks of Vaccine Associated Sarcoma. She is also currently working on a page all about vaccine which will star Chicken. Chicken always wanted to be famous, but not necessarily for this! (She always though it would be for her svelte figure or acting skills…) You can read Dr. Pierson’s newest page here!!!!

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