Chicken starts chemotherapy!

Chicken had a complete chemistry and blood panel done yesterday and everything came back normal! I was really concerned because her weight had dropped six ounces last week, but was back up four days later. Chicken’s white blood count is up from where it has been, but is still just under normal (5.2, low end should be 5.5). Dr. Harris wanted to go ahead and start chemotherapy anyway and Steve and I agreed to give it a try. My neighbor, Katie, came over to help me administer the CCNU pill to Chicken and make sure she swallowed it. I then gave her a few ml. of water to wash down the pill.

Now I need to monitor Chicken over the next three weeks for signs of lethargy or not wanting to eat. If I see any signs like this, I need to take her temperature and if it is >103.5, she needs to go to the vet immediately for IV antibiotics. Dr. Harris has never had a cat get a life threatening infection from CCNU, so hopefully we’ll not need to worry about any of this! Good luck to Chicken! Paws crossed!

Here’s a pic of Chicken lounging this morning:

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Chicken the Cat on Facebook

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2 Responses to Chicken starts chemotherapy!

  1. becky says:

    Hey Jenny…mutual friends with Lisa Kelch…crazy cat/animal lover AND blogger. We weren’t friends in school but both grads of Milford 93 I think 🙂
    Saw your comment and had to come check out your blog! Good luck with your cat. They sure are worth it all! Here’s a link to one of my crazy stories too, just so you know how to extreme I will go too for my cat~
    Take care!

  2. Hi, Becky! I loved your story and I’m glad that Chancalina 🙂 is all better! I was ’92, my sister and cousin were ’93. Thanks for the well wishes for Chicken. We appreciate it!!

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