Chicken taketh the chemo, Chicken giveth the chemo…back

We made the decision to give Chicken a second (and last) round of chemotherapy today. Her white blood count was 4.4 (up from 1.9 on Apr. 15) which is low, but Dr. Harris felt it would be okay. Her total count was almost 3000. I agonized over whether to dose her again. We will be out of town for 5 days in a week and a half and I am worried about her developing an infection while we’re gone. I guess that’s what neighbors are for. I know Katie and Andy will keep a watchful eye on her.

This morning I gave Chicken the CCNU pill, which she did not like at all. About 5 minutes later, she gave me at least some of the chemo pill back. On the floor. I guess she helped me make the decision.

In 2 days Chicken will be VAS-free for 5 months. She has a recheck visit with Dr. Muldoon on Thursday. Paws crossed!

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One Response to Chicken taketh the chemo, Chicken giveth the chemo…back

  1. Your story about chicken the cat made me cry, 2 weeks ago i had my 6 month old kitten’s first vaccinations done, 11 days later noticed a lump at the site of the injection, phoned the vets they said just a reaction which is normal..They said to go back if it became larger or hot, in a weeks time my kitten is due his rabies injection also micro chipping. With the stories i have read on the Internet regarding sarcomas i am having second thoughts of having the rabies and the micro chip done. The lump seems to be going down, which i hope is a good thing? If i had read about vaccinations or the vet had told me beforehand of health issues, i would not have entertained the injections at all. MY HEART CRIES OUT TO YOU, i have 2 cats and the kitten, i rescued all 3 due to different circumstances. I have read that the risk of sarcomas is higher in the USA, i am from the UK. I hope my kitty is going to be OK, i will be heart broken if anything happens to him.
    I will pass your story on to everyone i know, REST IN PEACE CHICKEN XXXX

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