Chicken’s Demand Letter to Pfizer

This was sent certified mail today.

July 27, 2011

Pfizer Animal Health
Attn: Dr. Regina E. Tan, VMD
Exton, PA

Dr. Tan:

I have received your correspondence dated 2/22/2011. My cat, Chicken, developed a tumor from Pfizer vaccines. To date I have incurred expenses of $7,688.11. Chicken has been subjected to an aggressive and invasive surgery, radiation therapy and two rounds of CCNU chemotherapy in the hopes of surviving this highly invasive and recurrent cancer. Attached you will find copies of all of the receipts.

I am asking that your goodwill gesture cover the full cost of the Chicken’s bill. If it were not for Pfizer’s vaccines, Chicken would not have cancer. She developed a malignant fibrohistiocytoma as a result of a vaccine given in her scruff area. I have copies of the inserts that come in both the Defensor 3 and Leukocell 2 vaccine packages. Nowhere in either insert is the risk of vaccine associated cancer mentioned. Having never received any kind of literature or verbal information that your product may have adverse reactions for my cat, Pfizer Animal Health should pay the cost for all of Chicken’s treatments thus far and should escrow money for any future treatments. With the proximity of Pfizer Animal Health to UPenn, where VAS was originally discovered by Mattie Hendrick in 1991, I’m sure you are well aware of the recurrence rate of this cancer.

Chicken has a blog which documents her journey to overcome this vaccine associated cancer. To date, it has been visited by thousands. You can read about her struggle here:

As a Pfizer shareholder, I am deeply concerned that all the risks of feline vaccines are not clearly stated to veterinarians or pet owners.

I look forward to a timely response.

I have enclosed pictures of Chicken post-surgery to show you the extent of her suffering.


Look at all this bruising:

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