Pfizer responds…

So, at 2:15 p.m. today Dr. Regina Tan from Pfizer Animal Health called me. I must say she was very nice. She wanted to answer any medical questions I might have and give me a little background on VAS. I appreciate the gesture, but I didn’t really have any questions and I’ve already read everything I can get my hands on in regards to VAS. Near the end of the conversation she let me know that reimbursement is handled by her managers and she had passed on Chicken’s letter and pictures. Dr. Tan regretted to inform me that despite Pfizer’s Full-Year 2010 Revenues of $67.8 Billion Dollars they will be unable to offer me any more than the $1,254.00 of the $7,688.11 we have spent trying to save Chicken’s life. Maybe Pfizer thinks pets are disposable, but the Kenny family sure doesn’t. Think about Pfizer’s actions the next time your doctor is prescribing a medicine for you. Ask if Pfizer is the manufacturer. If so, ask for an alternative made by another pharmaceutical company. Tell your veterinarian that you do not want your animals to be given any Pfizer products as well.

I am now awaiting a letter from Robert McCloskey informing me of their decision not to pay for Chicken’s treatment in full.


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4 Responses to Pfizer responds…

  1. Joan says:

    Hi! This makes me wonder what they would do if a man wanted restitution from Pfizer’s Viagara gave him “an erection lasting over four hours” and damaged his brain-uh, penis. I am a cat lover too and wonder about what our fur kids vaccines can do to them.

  2. Nessa says:

    OMG! I am so sorry about your cat. 😦 That is horrible. I can’t believe that Pfizer is not helping you. A thousand dollars is not helping. I will keep Chicken in my thoughts.

  3. Actually, this is not Pfizer’s fault completely…this is also your VETERINARIAN’S fault for not disclosing the risks to you, which they should know very well. They also know that Defensor 3 is not covered on Pfizer’s vaccine guarantee. I am a feline only veterinarian, so trust me, I don’t use any three year vaccines unless I can’t touch the cat and I discuss the risks thoroughly with the owner. I have seen VAS for every single year I’ve been out of vet school–8 in total. Some people go their entire careers without seeing it. But I am WELL aware of it, and frankly, your veterinarian should not have been giving a three year vaccine EVERY SINGLE YEAR since your cat was young. It’s irresponsible.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! The vaccinating vet is now my ex-vet. He has lost my business and I have voiced my concerns to him and about him. I now have a feline only vet who is well versed in VAS and the risk of certain vaccines. Ultimately, I still blame Pfizer. The reason for my blog is to spread awareness of VAS. You are in the minority as far as vets go. Many vets still vaccinate in the scruff and most do not disclose the risks associated with vaccines. Kudos to you for being so responsible!!!

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