Some good news!

Chicken had a follow up appointment with Dr. Muldoon at the Care Center a couple of weeks ago. This was her 6 months post-radiation therapy, 8 months post-surgery visit. She got a clear check up! She is feeling good, looking good and more active than ever!!! Her next appointment will be Nov. 11 on Veteran’s Day and she will have chest xrays to be sure her lungs are clear. VAS has a nasty history of metastasizing to the lungs.

I still haven’t heard from Robert McCloskey from Pfizer informing me of their decision not to pay for Chicken’s treatment in full. I was told on August 9, 2011 that he was pretty on top of things and I should have a letter shortly… Don’t worry, when I get it I’ll post it for everyone to see.

While we wait, here is an oldie but goodie of Jenny and Chicken!
Pfizer vaccine

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One Response to Some good news!

  1. Beth says:

    Hello! It’s bittersweet to find this post as I, too, am going through this with my kitty, Jinx. He developed a highly aggressive fibrosarcoma after receiving his most recent Pfizer Defensor 3 Rabies vaccine. We just completed his surgery 2 weeks ago and we are going in for his chest x-ray and CT scan in 2 days. I was wondering what all you completed for chicken, if I may ask, that helped in do so well! Did he also have Grade 3? Did radiation go well? How many rounds did you do? Did you do chemotherapy or any other treatment along with the radiation? Any help you could offer would just be amazing and beyond appreciated. THANK YOU!!!! Beth & Jinxer

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