Chicken is being treated for hyperthyroidism…

We have a Salter baby scale that I use to weigh the cats every couple of weeks to keep an eye on all of them. About 6 weeks ago, we noticed that Chicken had been steadily losing weight since August. After a visit to the vet and blood work, it was determined that Chicken had developed hyperthyroidism. Today, she returned to the CARE Center
to receive radioactive iodine treatment to hopefully cure her hyperthyroidism. She’ll stay at least overnight and may come home tomorrow. I always feel comfortable leaving her at the CARE Center because I know they love her so much and treat her like one of their own. The best part is that Therese will be there on Saturday and will finally get to see Chicken again! CARE Center is the only place locally that offers the I-131 radio iodine treatment. Once a month Dr. Mears flies to Cincinnati from Florida to administer the treatment. You can read more about this treatment here. Dr. Mears called after Chicken’s pre-therapy exam to let us know that she has a little heart disease. He said that her left ventricle was a little enlarged and there was some fluid there. He said that many times once hyperthyroidism is controlled, the symptoms of heart disease will lessen. If not, it will be treated with medicine. We knew that Chicken had developed a gallop heart rhythm a while ago, but weren’t sure of its implications. Fortunately, she has been monitored so much this year that we know this is a recent development. At this point, Chicken has received her radioactive iodine therapy and is doing just fine! I’ll update everyone as soon as I know more.

Here’s a recent picture of Chicken with her new little friend, Kitten. Kitten joined our family in October. We rescued his three siblings and him from behind a Mexican restaurant where they were living out of a dumpster. His three siblings have been adopted, but Kitten hasn’t YET. If you are interested, please contact me! He’s been vaccinated for distemper, treated for worms and ear mites and is a very loving boy who gets along well with other cats and humans! 🙂

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