Shouldn’t veterinarians fully inform pet owners of the possible risks from vaccinations?

Chicken’s vaccinating veterinarian never once informed us of any possible adverse reactions or risks of the vaccines he gave yearly. When I spoke with him to inform him that Chicken had developed Vaccine Associated Sarcoma, he was not surprised and said we were not the first. I know he has had at least one case since as well. I think it is an abomination that he never once informed us of any risks or told us to monitor the injection site. Sadly, this is the case with most veterinarians. Let’s change that! Please sign this petition in Chicken’s memory and then share with all of your friends and family! It’s easy – you can just click on the “share this” button under this post!

Please sign this petition!

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3 Responses to Shouldn’t veterinarians fully inform pet owners of the possible risks from vaccinations?

  1. Sandra says:

    Just found your website/blog while researching vaccines for my cats. My heart goes out to you, it is so sad they have such short lives relative to us. Here are some resources I found helpful when my dog died last year. I used this chatroom a lot when my pup died

    Quality of life scale

    Quality of life discussion and scale – helps with the grieving process. I found this helpful and have gone back to read it to help me with Harpurr my 13 year old kitty who has GI cancer.

  2. Thank you, Sandra. I’m sorry about your pup and Harpurr (love the name). It’s amazing how much our pets can touch our lives and how much we can love them.

  3. Timothy Ater says:

    I wish I had found you sooner than this, but let me off my belated condolences on your loss. I’m still trying to type through the tears that chicken’s story brought (is bringing) to my eyes. I am the guy version of a crazy cat lady I guess. I only have one, but he is the most special thing in my life. I know how deeply our kitties can sink their claws into our hearts, and I know how very painful their loss is. As hard as it is, the sadness can never compare to the joy they bring us, and the memories we will carry all our lives. Thank you for sharing Chicken’s story, (and great pictures) and for helping make people aware of the dangers behind improper vaccinations. It is one of those issues that needs to be common knowledge for all current and future cat parents. Before i end up rambling on like an idiot, I am going to just cut myself off, go grab another Kleenex, and say best wishes to you and your furrs, and thanks again for sharing your story.

    -Tim & Wooster, in CA

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